Peace with Justice Grant Application DEADLINE April 15, 2018

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Peace with Justice Small Grants Application Deadline is April 15, 2018

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The Peace with Justice Grant program provides funds for justice projects throughout the North Texas Conference. Funds come from the Peace with Justice Offerings of our churches. Half of the received funds are sent to the General Board of Church and Society while the remaining amount stays with our Conference for the expressed purpose of offering grants to local churches.

Examples of projects supported by the grants are shown below. The projects are wide and varied, illustrating the vastness of issues of peace and of justice.

A church wanted to expand outreach to the community by establishing a Little Free Library in neighborhoods where literacy and education were sub-par. The program sought to bridge the gap for families by providing unlimited access to reading books. The Little Free Library outreach has expanded by adding periodic food supplies for the homeless.

Another church had a successful summer outreach program of providing lunches to children who relied on free or reduced lunches during the school year. The church sought to expand the program with funds to develop an additional distribution site. The church provided Monday – Friday lunches in multiple sites providing over 10,000 lunches during the summer time.

Yet another church in partnership with a nonprofit sought to expand their high quality, low cost day care for children in poverty. The goal of their program was to not only provide the day care for the children but to allow the parents to attend job training, finish high school and for most to become two income families.

Another grant helped CitySquare to expand their book clubs beyond reading events and ignite sparks of justice with calls to action. These actions helped to move forward a city ordinance regulating Payday and Auto Title loans and to subsidize the expenses incurred by persons traveling to Austin to speak with elected officials on the importance of Medicaid Expansion.

A church established a new, nonprofit ministry supporting churches in the Eurasian Conference struggling to be self-sufficient. They assisted the Saratov, Russia UMC by using the artwork of Rev. Tatyana Molodyk to print notecards, Christmas cards and art prints. The Peace with Justice Grant was used to pay printing costs of the notecards, Christmas cards and art prints. These products were then sold at mission fairs resulting in over $7,000 being sent to Saratov, Russia UMC. (A seven fold return on the grant). At Saratov, Russia UMC the funds were used to finish the interior of their church building. The interior was totally completed with the funds received from this local church nonprofit ministry.

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