News from the Zip Code Connection in Red River County – July 2017

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News from Clarksville Red River County

Zip Code Connection Quick Updates

Catana Yarnell and Cassie Randel

Catana Yarnell, Hub Community Center Director and Education Liaison Cassie Randel, Zip Code Connection Director for Red River County

June 2017 was a busy month for us, and we’re looking forward to many new things the rest of the summer! The month of June started with Catana and I attending the Annual Conference for the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church (NTCUMC). Since both Catana and I are relatively new to our positions, it was a great time for us to learn and get to meet new people from our conference! That same week GO Camp, an initiative of the NTCUMC, partnered with the boys and girls club to offer an amazing week of summer camp to the children in Clarksville. They had such a great time that they are already planning camp for next year, so if your child didn’t get to go but wants to be a part of it stay tuned to find out more information! The band that traveled with GO Camp, called Visible Worship, performed on the square that week as well. In June we also kicked off our Kids Kollege 2017 program. Every week the kiddos get to take a free art class and a free music class at the Hub thanks to our awesome volunteers.

As of July 1st there is a new Executive Director for Zip Code Connection. Andrew Fiser is taking over for our friend Lynn Parsons as she retired June 31st. Starting mid-August there will be a new community garden in Clarksville with the help of several local churches. Everyone is welcome to be a part of growing a stronger community! We are also in the process of finding sponsors for the Gateway to Texas Trail sponsorships. As a community we want to support the good things happening in Northeast Texas.

Cassie Randel
Zip Code Connection Director for Red River County

GO Camp Summer Kids Camp!

GO CampGO CampGO Camp

GO Camp is a camping program that collects all of the fun activities of summer camp and carries it across Northeast Texas so children can go to camp close to home! Each day is filled with fun and games of all kinds.

This year the camp went to Langford Lake to fish, kayak, and play games. They spent a day at Jan Kay Ranch, went swimming at the Paris Public Pool, and much more!

They plan to come back next year so if your child wants to go make sure to let the Boys and Girls Club know!

Common Grounds: Clarksville Community Garden

Common Ground Clarksville Community GardenCommon Grounds Clarksville Community Garden will be a partnership between Zip Code Connection and several local churches. St. Paul United Methodist Church is donating the land for the garden and will be a huge part of moving the garden forward. Other churches in the area are partnering to provide support in various ways. The garden is open to anyone in the community! The A&M Ag Extension is helping to make sure the garden is designed well and sustained. They will be offering gardening classes at the beginning of each growing season, and will be teaching cooking and preserving classes at the end of each growing season. Twenty-one raised beds will be available to families or individuals who want to plant their own garden. Six raised beds will be planted and maintained by community sponsors for people who don’t have time to plant their own garden. Three raised beds will be planted with ingredients for the cooking or preserving class at the end of the season. There is no charge for joining the garden, but there is an application that each person or family wanting a bed will need to fill out. The garden is planned to start mid-august.

For more information contact Cassie Randel at the Hub Community Center.

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