Kenya in Crisis – May 2017 News

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Relief for Kenya

Relief for KenyaThe country of Kenya has been experiencing very erratic weather for the past several years. Just one missed “rainy season” can create a shortage of food for many subsistence families who have a difficult time recovering. The past 3 rainy seasons have either had too much rain, not enough rain, cold temperatures or missed all together. Thus, food supplies are non-existent in the marginal areas and nearing that in the other parts of the country.

The Methodist Church in Kenya has been on the fore front of many of these natural disasters. They have already organized donors and churches in Kenya to set up feeding stations in the worst drought areas. But those sources are now tapped out and still people are dying of hunger.

Food and water must get to villages immediately. The Presiding Bishop and his staff have now asked partnering churches in the United States to be active in saving lives as quickly as possible. UMCOR has also been contacted and a grant is being prepared now.

The Presiding Bishop has identified many villages who desperately need assistance. These will be the initial food distribution sites set up and run by the MCK staff/personnel. The basic food items to keep a family alive for a week/month will be distributed depending on the cash donations sent in.

Give generously to the GBGM Advance Special #04861A and specify that it is for “disaster response.” This is the GBGM number for “Kenya Undesignated Projects,” and if Disaster Response is put on the memo line, then it will get to the right line item in Kenya.

GBGM Advance Special #04861A

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