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Congregation-based health ministries are growing for three reasons.

  1. Aging of the UMC membership.
  2. The large number of individuals and families in the U.S. that lack health insurance.
  3. Seminaries now include health as a theme in the training of clergy. (New World Outlook, Nov/Dec 2010)

Types of Health Ministries

Churches can incorporate these programs based on their own needs:

Disability Ministry

Ministry leaders can focus on creating a culture of inclusion for persons with disabilities so they can fully participate in all aspects of worship, leadership and ministry. Learn more

Deaf Ministry

Ministry leaders can be trained to increase Christian growth among deaf communities. Learn more

Parish Nurse/Faith Community Nurse

A professional healthcare giver on the church staff can provide services to individuals and groups. Learn more

Health Advocate

A trained volunteer who serves as an advisor on health education and promotion for individuals and groups in the local church. Learn more

Go to the United Methodist Committee on Relief Congregational Health site for more information.