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Ministry with the Poor

The Center for Missional Outreach is working to understand and combat the causes of poverty through connectionalism. Churches in our conference wishing to engage in advocacy and action can learn from others in our conference who are already engaged.  Our Center’s goal is to facilitate this process by promoting best practices and helping churches who need a little extra assistance and mentoring.

We believe that ministry with the poor begins by listening to and learning from those affected by poverty, those with firsthand knowledge of the circumstances and potential solutions. There are many efforts in the past that have not worked and much development dollars gone to waste because general principles for working with the poor were ignored or unknown. Sometimes we have even hurt when we meant to help.

What YOU can do TODAY:

  • Ask us about resources we recommend for those wishing to alleviate poverty.
  • add your church/ministry "needs"
  • allow you to gain new volunteers and help with your needs
  • manage your events / needs and volunteers
  • do this all through your own church website
  • Learn as much as you can about your community’s unmet needs and decide what you would like to focus on.  Then ask us about other churches in our conference who exemplify “best practices” in that type of ministry.
  • Enter into a Covenant Relationship with a missionary through which you can support Ministry with the Poor in hundreds of places around the world. ( Contact us for a list of missionaries assigned to the North Texas Conference.
  • Make sure your mission trip leaders are trained by United Methodist Volunteers In Mission. Training includes ways to prevent hurting those you are actually trying to help.  Of course, the basics are also covered, such as planning logistics and team dynamics.  Cultural sensitivity is a big part of any mission trip and training leaders will benefit the entire team. Ask us when the next training is scheduled or look at our Events page.  
  • Discuss how your church would like to respond to disasters in your own community and beyond. UMCOR offers a variety of trainings for local church responders. Email us about these opportunities.
  • Invite one of our speakers to come to your church to talk about poverty alleviation. We cover foundational concepts, general principals, and practical strategies.  
  • Click here for an interactive website to learn how United Methodist agencies, conferences, and local churches are engaging in ministry with the poor and how you can be a signpost for the kingdom.

Zip Code Connection

Zip Code Connection

The Zip Code Connection goal:

All communities will be vibrant and thriving—starting with two Zip Codes, and then transforming the world!

Director: Dr. Lynn Parsons
Phone: 214-931-6254
Address: PO Box 866188
Plano, TX 75086-6188